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Like a lot of you, we too have been trying to find the right words, but the reality is racism shouldn’t exist, and therefore being able to come up with the right words for something so grossly wrong, is beyond words.

There is a magical moment on the basketball court when everybody, no matter who you are, simply becomes a basketball player, a hooper.  You’re judged solely on the content of your game and you’re treated like every other player.  Unfortunately in our society, we have yet to reach that same moment when everyone is simply a human being and is treated with the dignity, respect and rights deserving of all human beings.

We are committed to changing our own hearts and minds for the better. We ask you to dig deep and do the same, seeking to confront any of the ignorance or bias that lives within us.

No matter how uncomfortable being vulnerable and honest about your views on race will be, it will never be as uncomfortable as the cultural climate it creates for Black Americans, and it will never match the discomfort George Floyd had to leave this world in.

This society has created some underlying generalizations about “Black” people which makes unjust, unfair, uncivil, insensitive and dismissive behavior towards “Black” Americans completely acceptable.  

This is unacceptable.

It’s imperative that we educate ourselves out of the ignorance we’ve been taught! 

Do the work. Be better!